Friday, July 19, 2024
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Reverse Phone Number Search Feature Comes to Pixel Phones

Pixel phones are getting a new set of features with the latest June Pixel feature drop update. One of the these additions is Lookup, which is a reverse phone number search tool to identify unknown phone numbers or caller ID. Here’s how the feature works and which devices it is compatible with.

What is Pixel’s new Lookup feature?

While Google only provided light details about Lookup, the name implies that you can reverse search the phone number that called you and possibly identify the true caller ID with just a tap to the Lookup button from the dialer. 

Additionally, the feature would reveal other details like address and category if it is an establishment or company. It was also discovered before that the tapping the Lookup feature will yield Google Search results of the caller’s information, while it is safe to say it will also heavily utilize Google’s caller ID database.

Google debuts new Pixel Lookup feature to reverse phone number search unknown numbers
Pixel’s Lookup is compatible with Pixel phones running on Tensor chipsets such as Pixel Fold and Pixel 6 to Pixel 8 / © Google

As hinted by the compatibility of the feature with the Pixel Fold (review) and Pixel 6 models and newer equipped with Tensor SoC, Lookup may also be tapping on machine learning capabilities in these flagship chipsets. With AI, the internet search giant could enhance verification of the search results.

But essentially, Lookup has the same basic function with third party phone apps like Truecaller ID. The latter app integrates a reverse search feature, although you’ll need to manually input the number unlike the Pixel’s version that can be done with a few taps from the dialer.

At the same time, Truecaller ID uses its own network instead of bringing the search online, which is touted to be composed of more than 400 million people.

Is Lookup coming to non-Pixel Android phones?

Presently, it appears the feature is restricted to a few countries at launch. According to some Pixel users (via Android Authority) that updated to June Pixel feature drop, it is available in the USA and Canada. This means that availability also depends on the carrier or networks.

Google didn’t confirm if it intends to integrate the feature in Android 15 or future major OS iteration. But the same with many Pixel features, Lookup could make its way to non-Pixel phones through the Android phone app.

Do you think the Lookup feature would prove useful in your Android device? Let us know your answers in the comments.


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