Huawei Technologies has officially unveiled HarmonyOS 2.0 and stated that it will power smartphones in 2021.

However, reports state that a new smartphone need not be bought to make the switch to the new operating system.

“Yes, devices running the new distributed-technology based EMUI 11 will be eligible for upgrade to Harmony OS in the future,” a Huawei representative to Android Authority.

However, at this time everything is sketchy considering that its still not known whether a user can roll back to the Android-based EMUI after trying Huawei’s in-house operating system.  

Reports state that it would still take a year for flagship Huawei P40 phones to install a new operating system.

HarmonyOS is available for wearables, smart TVs, car infotainment systems as of now. From next year onwards it will be rolled into mid-tier devices with up to 4 GB of RAM till April, and after October 2020, it will be opened up to devices with more than 4 GB.

Developers will get a head start as they will get access to a beta version of HarmonyOS for smartphones this December.  


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