Friday, May 20, 2022

Roli’s Beatmaker Kit gives you everything you need to produce tracks yourself

Roli has released a starter kit bundle of its modular Blocks music-making system. The $299/£249 Beatmaker Kit enables you to learn how to produce tracks from start to finish. 

Roli previously released the Lightpad Block and Loop Block components, but it has now upgraded the Lightpad Block – now known as the Lightpad Block M. The Lightpad Block is essentially a musical touchpad that enables you to create sounds just by touch, movement and pressure. The Loop Block gives you access to key controls such as a loop recorder, tempo settings and, naturally, playback controls. 

There’s also an accompanying app for iOS that gives you more control and access to a huge sound library including samples from artists such as Grimes and RZA. 

Blocks can also work alongside more advanced music-making software like GarageBand and Cubasis which are compatible with Blocks’ MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers. 

RoliRoli rolls out Beatmaker its latest tool for easy music-making image 3

The kit gives you everything you need to make music using the system since it also comes with a six-month subscription to Roli’s elearning platform Melodics. Melodics is a desktop app that can teach you everything from simple drumming with your fingers to advanced track-making. 

The Beatmaker Kit will be available to purchase from 18 October from retailers including Guitar Center, John Lewis, Sweetwater, and Amazon.

RoliRoli rolls out Beatmaker its latest tool for easy music-making image 2


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