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Samsung and Vodafone: What to Expect and How This Will Affect the Casino industry

On June 15th, 2021, Vodafone announced that it had chosen Samsung to supply its 5G infrastructure. The decision signals the start of a potentially fruitful relationship between two giants of the technology world. Aside from striving to deliver an unprecedented service to consumers, this will also ensure greater network availability throughout the UK. In turn, this means that increased numbers of smartphone users will have access to forward-thinking online entertainment, including the latest movies and online casino games. So, let’s delve into Vodafone’s newly formed relationship with Samsung. 

A Breakthrough for Online Casinos and the Wider Entertainment Market 

According to Advanced Television, Vodafone and Samsung linking up will extend the telecommunications company’s coverage in the UK. In the future, 2,500 rural sites will install Samsung kit, and, in the long term, this allows Vodafone to improve its service. From a purely coverage-related standpoint, this is a significant breakthrough for the mobile gaming sector. In the future, those with the provider will be able to conveniently access immersive online content, such as the Live Casino at Paddy Power, from more UK-based locations. The operator’s real-time library features a host of HD-streamed titles, including Buffalo Blitz Live and Spin A Win, each of which benefit from 5G connectivity. As a result, Vodafone’s decision to select Samsung should enhance user experiences in this all-action market. 

Samsung and Vodafone: What to Expect and How This Will Affect the Casino industry

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing markets of the 21st century, and increased coverage enables the sector to sustain its growth. Furthermore, while digital casinos will flourish in the Vodafone-Samsung era of connectivity, so will other entertainment-based markets. As per Vodafone’s official website, the network’s existing 5G coverage ensures stable downloads and reliable streaming across various media streams. However, the wireless connection is continually under development, and linking up with Samsung allows Vodafone to rapidly add greater capacity and instantly resolve outages. 

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An Unexpected Decision, One That Could Work 

When Vodafone announced its decision to partner with Samsung, it’s fair to say that it took many in the sector by surprise. As per the BBC, after the UK banned Huawei products, the expectation was that Ericsson and Nokia would dominate the market. That, of course, isn’t the case, with Samsung bringing more competitiveness to the industry. Aside from the above, the pair are striving to commercially deploy Open RAN in Europe, which will aid network management. 

SDxCentral reports that Open RAN refers to radio access network interfaces that support interoperation between different vendors’ equipment. Samsung will supply vRAN solutions for Vodafone, providing the tech giant with an opportunity to spearhead the next digital revolution. Although the pair haven’t worked together before, there’s potential for them to take mobile connectivity to new heights from a reliability and speed standpoint. If they achieve their goals, mobile game creators, online casinos, and streaming services will reap the rewards. 

Is the Technological Breakthrough on the Horizon? 

If entertainment markets, like the online casino industry, suggest anything, it’s that Vodafone and Samsung’s partnership has the ability to revolutionise user experiences in the UK and beyond. Samsung has shown in the past that they can support multi-gigabit speeds, which will serve both parties well as they strive to commercially deploy Open RAN.

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