Foldable smartphones have gone from concepts to prototypes to full-fledged marketable devices. The foldable smartphone has come along way in 2019 with Huawei and Samsung emerging as the two pioneers. The Galaxy Fold unveiled at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event and Huawei’s Mate X that debuted at MWC 2019 close to perfection in a foldable device as possible.

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold rocks a 7-nm processor with 12 GB of RAM that should allow for seamless multitasking and flawless performance. The Galaxy Fold also boasts 512 GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0, which will offer twice as fast data-read times as the current generation of smartphones. The Fold is also equipped with two batteries each with a total capacity of 4380mAh. This handset also boasts six cameras, three on the back, one on the front and two on the inside. A 4.6-inch (1960 x 840 resolution) OLED screen sits on the outside of the Galaxy Fold, while the 7.3 inches, 2152 x 1536 Infinity Flex display can be used in tablet mode. The Fold will cost approximately $1900 and will go on sale in April 2019.

Mate X

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X folds outward, eliminating the need for a second screen. When folded, the Mate X boasts a 6.6-inch (2480 x 1148 resolution) FullyView display on the front and another 6.38-inch (2480 x 892) display on the back. In tablet mode, the Mate X utilises an 8-inch, 2480 x 2220 FullView display. The Mate X also features an almost entirely bezel-less design without a notch. Huawei is using the Kirin 980 SoC coupled with the Balong 5000 5G modem on the Mate X. The two batteries on this handset offer a total capacity of 4,500 mAh. The Mate X boasts four rear cameras that can also be used for selfies. The Mate X will cost approximately $2,600 and will go on sale during the second half of 2019.

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One a piece

  • App Continuity coupled with three-app multitasking puts the Galaxy Fold ahead in terms of software.
  • The Mate X will come with a super-fast 55W charger, which will allow you to charge the device up to 85-percent in 30 minutes.

Final Verdict

If this were a competition, if you were going to break the bank and get a foldable smartphone, then the Mate X would be the better option. The software on the Fold is great, while the fast charging on the Mate X is going to be quite useful. But at the end of the day, the foldable smartphone is touted as a phone come tablet. And, the 4.6-inch outer display on Galaxy Fold is too small to use for a daily smartphone driver. Considering the device is touted as a phone come tablet, this comes as quite a shame. The 6.6-inch display on Mate X allows you to use it as both smartphone or tablet seamlessly without any compromise.



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