Samsung now lets you slow down your smartphone’s CPU in the pursuit of improving the battery life. The latest update in the Galaxy Labs app brings a new Thermal Guardian module that brings the ability to control throttling on the CPU. The idea behind this feature is to limit the performance when you seek better battery life instead of unbridled performance from the chip, and vice versa. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy M62 launched: It’s a rebranded version of the new Galaxy F62

The feature, called Thermal Guardian, is part of the Samsung Galaxy Labs app. Users will be able to either boost the CPU performance or trickle it down, depending on the needs. The feature only offers limited control over CPU throttling, which means you alter it by just two degrees. Hence, the phone’s performance can be set to either two degrees cooler or two degrees warmer. Also Read – Samsung 100-day trial for Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G floated for customers

Samsung to let users control CPU throttling

Given that the Thermal Guardian feature is part of the Galaxy Labs app, it is clearly supposed to be there for those who are at comfort experimenting. Managing the CPU performance can help with specific performance needs. Slowing it down will aid in improved battery life whereas boosting the speeds will help with performance. The latter could be helpful for gamers who seek all the resources at their disposal. Also Read – Samsung will now provide up to 4 years of security updates to its phones: See list

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Image: Gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

A feature like this could be helpful for users of affordable or old Galaxy smartphones. For example, if you use a Galaxy S10 or a Galaxy A51, altering the CPU performance could result in better output. Those seeking improvements in battery life could bring down the performance a notch, which would be beneficial for Samsung phones with smaller batteries (in comparison to today’s large batteries).

Samsung is giving more effort for improving its device support. Earlier this week, the company announced a total of four years of security support for numerous devices across various price points. Popular models such as the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy M31 are eligible for security patches for up to four years.

This adds to the previous promise of offering three years of Android OS upgrades on midrange as well as premium Samsung devices. This is still nowhere close to Apple’s five-year-support but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Samsung is currently expected to bring the Galaxy A52, A32, and A72 to global markets in the weeks to come. Leaks hint at a Qualcomm chipset for the entire range along with improved cameras but retaining the same old design.



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