The Galaxy Fold 2.

A few minutes with a Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold can turn anyone into an advocate for foldable phones. And now, thanks to Samsung’s new “Buy and Try” program, you have 100 days to decide whether you’re a foldable fan. The extended 100-day return policy only applies to Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 5G devices purchased on the Samsung website before April 1st, 2021.

Samsung’s standard return policy is only 15 days long, which is often enough to decide whether you want to keep your phone. Offering a 100-day return window for foldables gives people the chance to try one of Samsung’s expensive, cutting-edge devices without feeling rushed to return or keep it. Of course, I should note that Samsung won’t let you return devices with “excessive wear and tear.” This isn’t an insurance program, it’s just an extended return policy.

Samsung is already advertising Buy and Try on its webstore. Samsung

Along with the 100-day Buy and Try policy, foldable phones are eligible for Samsung’s trade-in program. You can save up to $550 on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G or the Galaxy Z Flip 5G after sending Samsung your old phone. Participating in the trade-in program can also net you a $200 credit for accessories, like phone cases or wireless headphones.

The Buy and Try 100-day return offer is only available on Samsung’s webstore, and only applies to Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G or Galaxy Z Flip 5G devices purchased before April 1st, 2021. If you’d like to learn more about Buy and Try, check out Samsung’s terms and conditions for the program.

Source: Samsung via XDA Developers



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