Samsung is beginning to push out some more SmartThings integration to the Galaxy Watch 3, by way of a software update that the watch should be receiving.

As it stands right now the update is making its way to users across various regions. But it seems to be a staggered rollout. So if you don’t have it yet on your own device, keep checking throughout the day and the rest of the week.

The update is being pushed out to users in the US, India, and South Korea only for the time being. With other regions likely getting it in the near future.

Samsung began pushing this feature out to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 back in January. Choosing to push the feature to a slightly older device before its most currently available option.

The update should only be around 74MB. So it’s not huge in terms of file size. But there are actually still quite a few new changes included.

Use SmartThings Find to locate your Galaxy Watch 3 on the map

While the update includes more than a few new changes, the obvious big thing is the SmartThings Find app integration. Just like with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you can now use your connected Galaxy smartphone to find your Galaxy Watch 3 if you lose it.

You will need a Galaxy smartphone to use the feature, too. As the app will only work with Galaxy phones. So if you’re running a Pixel or any other device that isn’t from Samsung, this particular part of the update does you no good.

That is unless you choose to switch to a Galaxy device at some point while you still use the watch.

Your watch can now tell you how long you’ve washed your hands for

We all need to wash our hands. Whether it’s more often or just keeping up with our regular routines. And now your Galaxy Watch 3 can help keep you apprised of your hand washing techniques.

This software update also includes integration with the Hand Wash app. After it’s installed, your watch can detect how long you’ve been washing your hands for and alert you.

It automatically detects when you started washing your hands and then uses that to time out if you’ve been washing for the recommended length of time. The update also includes various fixes and improvements. Like improvements to Samsung Health by including the capability to set up group walking challenges with friends or other users.



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