A rolling stone gathers no moss. It’s an annoying saying if you ask me, but Samsung is following it. Although the company’s flagships are popular with many users, the top jobs are to be exchanged. DJ Koh (one of the best managers of Samsung Mobile) has now been replaced by Roh Tae-moon as head of the smartphone division.

When it comes to smartphones (especially expensive flagship devices), Samsung became one of the leading brands under Koh. Samsung was able to win many fans with quality and design. The market for smartphones in the medium and lower price segments looks different. Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and Oppo are competing with the South Koreans in this area. However, this sector is becoming increasingly important if one wants to continue to lead the market.

For Samsung, the solution apparently lies in a major change. After all, the company intends to make no fewer than nine changes in management positions. This includes the new appointment of a Samsung boss in the mobile sector, which was previously led by Co-CEO DJ Koh. In the future, Koh will work with other managers to strengthen the cooperation between the different areas of the company. What this means is not yet clear from the latest announcement. But his successor is confirmed as Roh Tae-moon.

TaeMoonRoh Main 1.0
Roh Tae-moon is the new boss of Samsung Mobile. / © Samsung Electronics

Roh is 52 years old and is, therefore, one of the youngest in the Samsung management team. His previous field of activity was the development of the Galaxy-S series. So you see, the choice of the new boss was well thought out. After all, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones are among the best Android devices. So with the Roh Tae-moon promotion, these devices become a matter for the boss.

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The tasks of the new head of Samsung Mobile will be to expand existing and important markets (for example in India or China). He also faces the challenge of making Samsung foldables more competitive. Considering the moderate feedback on the Galaxy Fold so far, this can be a big challenge.

We will probably see Roh Tae-moon on February 11 in San Francisco. Here, Samsung will not only present its new Galaxy S20, but also its new second-generation foldable smartphone. It will take us some time to really understand what changes will be caused by the new boss and how things will change at Samsung. Because, as they say, good things come to those who wait. Anyway, I’m curious about what we can expect with Roh Tae-moon and Samsung Mobile in the near future.



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