From the Galaxy Note 20 to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has some of the most popular smartphones on the market.

But if you have a Samsung smartphone, you need to make sure you update it as a matter of urgency.

Users are being urged to install the latest update to avoid hackers hijacking their smartphone.

The latest update includes a patch for a vulnerability dubbed CVE-2020-0245.

Worryingly, if the vulnerability isn’t resolved, it could allow hackers to remotely run malicious code on a device.

The Android September 2020 security bulletin explained: “The most severe vulnerability in [the Media Framework] section could enable a remote attacker using a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process.”

Thankfully, updating your smartphone is very easy – here’s a step-by-step guide.

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How to update your Samsung smartphone

To update your smartphone, go to Settings > Software Update.

Click Download and Install.

Samsung said: “Please note: to automatically download software updates in the future, tap the Auto download over Wi-Fi switch.”

If you ever experience any unusual behaviour on your Samsung smartphone, you can send Samsung an error report.

Samsung explained: “This allows us to take a closer look at what is happening. The data is anonymised and only held for the duration of the investigation.”


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