Accessories specialist Satechi has unveiled a charging station for up to five devices at CES 2021. The Dock5 offers the possibility to charge smartphones, tablets or headphones via Qi, USB-A or USB-C.

While charging docks for multiple devices haven’t been a novelty for a long time, one of the things that sets Satechi’s Dock5 apart is the variety of charging standards it supports. The manufacturer unveiled the new product at CES 2021. In addition to a Qi pad on the front, on which you can charge compatible charging cases of Bluetooth headphones, for example, Satechi’s solution also offers space for four other devices.

Besides the wireless charging for smaller devices, the four other devices can be slid into the dock and charged using USB-A or USB-C. Even larger tablets, such as an iPad Pro 12.9, should find a secure hold thanks to the silicone-covered dividers.

Satechi Dock5: an alternative for many individual chargers

The Dock5 is thus especially something for those who want to charge not just one smartphone, but multiple devices at once on a daily basis. Of course, the choice of connections also allows for faster charging, as long as this is supported by the tablet or phone.

dock5 multi device charging station charging stations satechi 2
Up to four devices can be charged via the side-mounted connectors. / © Satechi

The Qi Pad allows charging with a maximum of 10 watts. The two USB-A ports offer up to 12 watts each, while the two USB-C ports with Power Delivery allow up to 20 watts each. Cables for the four USB connections are not included with the Dock5 – the user has to provide the required cabling himself.

Such a dock also offers a good basis at a time when more and more manufacturers – like Apple with the iPhone 12 – don’t ship them with an included power supply. Using short USB-C or Lightning cables also minimizes the cable clutter that can quickly arise when using multiple individual chargers.

Price and availability of the Dock5

The Satechi Dock5 is available for pre-order now at a price of around $60. Delivery is scheduled to begin in the US on January 22nd, 2021.



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