Saturday, July 24, 2021

Save $200 and improve your posture with the Anda Seat T-Pro 2 Gaming Chair deal this Prime Day

I switched to an Anda Seat gaming chair last year shortly after reviewing one for the first time. Since then I haven’t been able to go back and I’ve been constantly impressed with every new gaming chair Anda Seat comes out with. Like I said during my Anda Seat T-Pro 2 review this chair is great for your back and can hold a lot of weight, which makes it the perfect chair for most people. Right now it’s $200 off as long as you remember to tick the $100 coupon before heading to check out. Snag one while you can.

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I absolutely love the way the flat lumbar pillow curves with my back and adjusts up and down the back of the chair whenever I recline. It helps me sit up straight while still making me feel comfortable, which is no simple task. Speaking of reclining, I can make the chair lie almost parallel with the floor. It’s tempting enough to take a nap in. The armrests can adjust up, down, forward, backward, or pivot in or out, so you can always find the best position for your arms.

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This is a heavy-duty chair that can hold up to 440 pounds. This was something my six-foot five-inch husband was very interested in since he’s gone through several computer chairs in the past two years that claim to be able to hold his higher weight (but obviously cannot).

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One thing I will note with this chair is that the race car design of the bottom cushion causes the two sides to stick up in a way that might be uncomfortable for larger folks. I’m five-foot six-inches tall and I had no issues with them, but they stuck up into my husband’s thighs and made it a little uncomfortable for him to sit in for long stretches.

Still, this is an amazing gaming chair that will be a great fit for most people out there. Being a premium option, it usually sells for a lot more, so now’s the perfect time to pick it up while it’s on sale.

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