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Sea of Thieves ‘Shrouded Spoils’ brings game-changing additions like fog and shark species

Sea of Thieves is an exploration-based pirate game which launched on March 20, 2018. Rare is known for many famous franchises including Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and GoldenEye. However, in recent years, the team has focused on developing Kinect games for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Today, the developer released the “Shrouded Spoils” update. Not only does the download add fog, but it also adds roaming skeleton crews, enhanced customization, and much more. You can read a complete list below.

  • Thick fog can make it difficult to navigate. You need to use the crow’s nest.
  • Roaming skeleton crews can now emerge from the depths for their own adventures. You can choose to engage in battles with them or avoid them.
  • There will now be skeleton sloops roaming the world.
  • More “Skelton Forts” have opened up and they have unique rewards like bone dust and special gunpowder barrels.
  • New “Megalodon” shark species now inhabit the waters. Defeating these glowing or colorful creatures gives you numerous rewards.
  • The “Kraken” squid can now attack all ships and is even harder than before. Defeating this monster also rewards you with treasure.
  • Destroying mermaid statues underwater now gives you special gems.
  • Enhanced ship customization now allows you to change the look of other aspects of the ship like the wheel and cannons.
  • There are new “Commendations” and “Titles” to strive for.

Sea of Thieves is currently available for $59.99 through various retailers, but it’s free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The title runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X. The game started off as a rather barebones experience when it first launch, but due to excellent post-launch support, Rare has managed to turn it around in a dramatic way.

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