Secretlab announced the OG editions of its TITAN and OMEGA gaming chairs today. The chairs feature logos, design elements, and colors inspired by OG. OG is an esports team that’s the first team to win The International Dota 2 tournament in back-to-back years. You can preorder the Secretlab OMEGA ($389) and Secretlab TITAN ($429) now through Secretlab’s website.

Secretlab already outfitted OG’s players and staff with gaming chairs, but now Secretlab created two chairs inspired by the team. The chairs feature a navy-blue base and white and silver accents. They also have two Aegis icons on the right shoulder of the chair to signify OG’s back-to-back wins. The backrest has an inverse hexagon tile pattern, which Secretlab states is to “illustrate the strong bond between the organization, players and fans.”

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The chairs themselves are the TITAN and OMEGA gaming chairs from Secretlab’s 2020 series. We reviewed the non-OG versions of the gaming chairs recently and came away very impressed. Our news editor, Dan Thorp-Lancaster, said of the chairs, “Small refinements make an already extremely comfortable series of chairs even more delightful.”


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