Prepare for more stability and reliability. Yay.

What you need to know

  • New firmware updates are available for a handful of Surface devices today.
  • The latest updates cover Surface Book, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5, and Surface Pro 6.
  • All of the updates are focused on security and reliability, and they’re available now via Windows Update.

Microsoft released another set of firmware updates for a handful of Surface devices today. Included in these updates are the first- and second-generation Surface Books, along with Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6. While there’s nothing major included here, there are updates related to reliability and stability across the board.

If you’re using a Surface Book or Surface Book 2, you’ll see similar updates related to the NVIDIA display adapter. Here’s a look:

Firmware version Update info
NVIDIA – Display – Addresses security updates and improves system stability.

Meanwhile, the update for the Surface Pro 5 brings improvements for battery smart charging reliability.

Firmware version Update info
Surface – Firmware – 239.3275.257.0 Improves Battery Smart Charging reliability.

Finally, if you’re using a Surface Pro 6, you’ll see a pair of updates related to the battery and stability during hibernation.

Firmware version Update info
Surface – Firmware – 235.3261.768.0 Improves device stability during hibernate.
Surface – Firmware – 241.304.139.0 Improves battery Smart Charging reliability.

All of these updates are available to download now via Windows Update for devices that are running Windows 10 version 1903 or newer.


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