Good news, everyone, I’m still breathing. At least, that’s what my smart mask says.

In fact, it tells everyone around me, via a small color-customizable LED light. (I chose purple.) It illuminates when it’s recording my respiratory cycle.

Look, do I have the coolest mask at the supermarket? 100%. Do I need it? 100% not.

The connected $150 AirPop Active+ mask, which I’ve been testing for the past few days, was officially announced this week at what can now only be called CPS—the Covid Protection Show. Bye-bye, CES!

It was bound to happen. Every year, tech companies and entrepreneurs show up at the tech show in Vegas with new ideas of how gadgets can solve our everyday problems. The biggest difference this year? Everyone seems focused on the same problem. Well, that and everyone showed up via the web. The show is entirely digital.



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