The iPhone 11 was the first Apple phone to introduce a night mode – one of the best in phones not only when it comes to the final result, but also for the fluidity of the interface, and its wide-angle lens. In the iPhone 12, these improvements go hand in hand, allowing you to shoot wide-angle pictures in night mode. We tested it on iPhone 12 Pro, with excellent results – the typical “iphoneography” quality, where the pictures are extremely detailed, sharp, focused. In low light conditions, many people will find the portrait mode even more useful that the wide-angle night mode, but bear in mind that this only works on iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max – these two phones, in fact, in addition to a little more RAM, have a more refined photographic system than the two-lens system of iPhone 12 and 12 mini, with the addition of a telephoto lens that, in the case of Pro Max, reaches a 2.5x optical zoom against the 2x optical zoom of the Pro. This is another reason why the iPhone 12 Pro is, according to many reviewers, kind of “a grey area” – it doesn’t offer too much more than the basic model, which however costs less than 1000 euros (in Italy, the official price starts at 939). We are still a long way from the amazing optical zoom lenses offered by many oriental brands, but the technologies used by Apple for image optimization, such as Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 3, always provide amazing results. More trivially, the wide-angle lens distortion correction of this new model is quite something.
iPhones continue to be some of the best phones around when it comes to taking videos, although the introduction of Dolby Vision compatibility has been described by many reviewers as a gamble, for example by Roberto Pezzali on, who criticizes its performance on big screens.

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