Saturday, December 4, 2021

Snapchat and LEGO Team Up For Augmented Reality Brick Building Fun – Review Geek

Two people building LEGO in augmented reality

 In a world where it’s still hard to get together, we often miss out on the best of group activities like building LEGO sets. Now Snapchat and LEGO are working together to solve that with new Augmented reality lenses.

The collaboration comes out of a new project from Snapchat called “Connected Lenses.” As the name suggests, Connected Lenses will enable people to “gather together” virtually for fun or interesting experiences and games. The first Connected Lens lets you play with LEGO building bricks.

Both people will need Snapchat, of course, and to start up the Connected Lens. But once connected, everyone can see the same LEGO model even from different locations and homes. You’ll place the model somewhere convenient, like a table, then everyone connected can add parts, effects, and animations to the model. Naturally, any changes by one person will show up for the other in real-time.

LEGO is no stranger to augmented reality. Visitors to LEGO stores can hold a set up to a monitor and camera and watch the set spring to life right out of the box. And this isn’t the first AR project from Snap either, which landmark AR lenses.

Snapchat says starting today, Creators can build new “Connected Lenses” using Snap’s Lens Studio. The LEGO “Connected Lens” should be available on the LEGO Grou’s Snap profile soon.


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