Despite the tech company making a swift and rightful exit from the mobile phones sphere, LG is still going to provide ongoing support to existing phone units for three years.

The LG operating system (OS) will receive upgrades and its update guarantee will be extended by a year on all models.

So, effectively, LG’s premium smartphone users can now get OS updates for three years, while people using LG’s budget handsets can receive upgrades for up to two years.

LG said devices eligible for its extended OS update programs will be posted on its website, though its support plan could vary by market depending on Google’s Android OS release schedule and product specs.

The company has also promised that its after-sales services globally won’t waver and will continue to perform to the highest level, beyond the closure of its mobile business.

LG recently announced that its mobile business will no longer operate from 31 July following years of low performance causing financial loss.

In South Korea, where the brand is based, repairs of smartphones will be supported for at least four years from their manufacturing date, according to LG.



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