Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Smart Phones

Soldier’s iPhone X saves his life by intercepting a bullet

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some have a touchscreen. According to a tweet disseminated from the Living Lchaim “X” account, an Israeli soldier had his life saved when his iPhone stopped a bullet meant for the soldier and saved his life. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabbi Rabi Shai Graucher presented the young man with a new iPhone.

The video accompanying the tweet shows what appears to be an iPhone X with a bullet hole in the display. The phone was wearing some type of rugged case although it wouldn’t have been able to stop the projectile. Besides the soldier whose life was spared thanks to his iPhone, other soldiers also received a new iPhone 15 series handset.
The iPhone is protected from dust and clear water (with limitations, of course) and there have been some incredible stories over the years. An iPhone X fell into the river while its owner was in a canoe. 10 months later, the device was found by someone else, dried with an airline and compressor, and when the charger was plugged in the next day, the device worked. Using a photo of the phone’s owner and his wife which was used as wallpaper on the lock screen, the guy who found the device and cleaned it out was able to contact the owner of the phone to secure a reunion.
While smartphones aren’t built to withstand a bullet piercing their casings, you might recall that Motorola used Kevlar on the back of several phones including the Droid Ultra, the Droid Razr, and others. Kevlar is a material often found on bulletproof vests although Motorola was using it to protect these models from drops.


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