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Some of the least aesthetically pleasing products and photos yo

(Pocket-lint) – The internet is full of all manner of joyful images of the wonderful world around us. But there are some corners of the net that are less aesthetically pleasing. 

We’ve found a Facebook page called “Things that are not aesthetic” which is choc-full of weird and wonderful photos from all over the place. These are often cringe-worthy products or simply weird happenings. For your enjoyment, we’ve collected some of the best. 

Graphic design department

We can actually see the humour in this one. Not only is the sign designed with multiple fonts, whoever made it didn’t plan out the space very well. 

Steel toed Crocs

Crocs aren’t exactly known for being safe and comfortable footwear, but perhaps that’s all about to change with these steel toes ones?

Don’t honk it

To toot or to not toot, that is the question.

If you saw this, we bet you normally wouldn’t touch it, but the addition of the post-it note suggesting you don’t really makes it tough to resist doesn’t it?

Do not eat your cushions

As tech geeks, we actually appreciate the humour of this one. A cushion that’s made to look like a large silica gel packet. Do not eat seems like good advice for both the gel packets and the cushions. 

Van Gogh mug

As Kate Lilac asked over on Facebook, we’d like to know the answer to this too:

“Did they break the mug just so they could paint it as Van Gogh for a joke, or did they break it on accident and then come up with the idea? Inquiring minds need to know!”

Either way it’s both amusing and weird. 

Fluffy Mona Lisa

We’ve seen a few different versions of Mona Lisa over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen one that looks like it was made out of dog fur. 

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The future is

This mug has the answer to your future. But it’s not telling you what that is until you pay $2. 

Table legs

We can’t decide if we like or loathe this table. We admire the creativity of whoever made it though and have no doubt that it makes for an interesting talking piece when visitors pop over. 

Thomas the grumpy engine

It seems like this person was trying to combine both steam power and petrol power in one vehicle. 

The result only made Thomas the Tank Engine very grumpy.

That dress

Remember the dress that had the internet in a tizzy a few years back? A weird optical illusion that had everyone arguing about what colour it was., Well, now you have the answer in dress form. 

Toilet seat guitar

This is certainly a unique looking guitar. One that looks like someone has just removed it from the toilet and attached a neck and some strings to it. 

Pea mobile

Amy posted this on Twitter with the simple line “…there’s no time to explain. get in the pea.” 

And now we’re stuck wondering what sort of antics the owner of this car gets up to. We bet they’re a fun-loving bod. A real loose cannon. 

Indoor balcony

You’ve been told the new apartment you’re interested in has a balcony. Well, that sounds nice doesn’t it? A view out over the rooftops or perhaps of the surrounding countryside? Wonderful. 

Then you arrive to look it over and find this. Indoor balconies in a hallway. Well, at least now you can chat to your neighbours without getting too close. 

Cybertruck V2

Remember when the Cybertruck was revealed? Well, one intriguing individual decided that it was missing one thing and that thing was wood panelling. 

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Get to the choppa!

We can’t imagine sneaking this purchase past our wives. Imagine installing a fan that looks like a helicopter. We expect it’s not particularly good for cooling the room either. 

Why Batman wears a mask

If this toy is anything to go by, we now know why Batman insists on wearing a mask. He’s a handsome fellow. 

Wii mote skins

If you’ve got a Nintendo Wii and it’s ageing a bit, why not jazz up your controllers with some new skins from a film that also hasn’t aged very well. 

Hot dogs for lunch

Fancy a hot dog? Not got a clean pan? No problem, just pop them in the kettle. This has the added bonus that your tea will taste deliciously like hot dogs next time you boil a brew. 

Disappointing pizza

You’ve ordered a pizza and then you open the box after the delivery person has left to find this waiting for you inside. Utter disappointment in pizza form. Perhaps the toppings were a bit overly generous and weighty. 


Worried your car isn’t quite fancy enough? Looking for an upgrade? Why not just install some Chandeliers? Wonderfully flamboyant and these lights will certainly render your vehicle far less likely to be stolen. We can’t speak to the road worthiness though. 


This photo makes us anxious on so many levels. Not only is that one dirty PC, but it’s also in danger of being soaked with wine at any moment. Even more so when you see the paw of a feline stretching out towards the precariously balanced glass.

Not a scratch on it

You certainly would not have to worry about scratches or dings with a body work like this. We wonder what would happen if this car was in a traffic accident though, we’d imagine the other vehicle would come off worse. 

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Push or pull?

You know those annoying doors that need to be pushed, even when they have a handle? You see the door handle, you assume you need to grab it and pull it, but no, it won’t budge. 

Well no you need wonder no more, as this door doesn’t even know what it’s doing either. 

Wheelie big

This car is proof that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Though once again like other cars on this list, it’s certainly a unique looking vehicle that isn’t going to get stolen. 

Pinapple pizza

Are you of the ilk that believes that pineapple should never grace pizza? What about this nightmarish thing. It looks like pizza on pineapple. Or more likely a pizza shaped like a pineapple. Delicious. 

Terrible phone cases

We’ve seen some nifty phone cases in our time, with hilarious and awesome designs, but this one is terrible. 

We know what they were trying to do, but “trying” is the operative word here. 

Try some delicious Spronk

Nothing makes us want to try Spronk more than the idea of showering in it. What a strange advert this is. Imagine washing yourself with soda. 

No hand hugs

Confusing signs are great aren’t they?

“We’re no hand hugs, open masks shakes very to the allowed, ok ok truth.”

Giant Airpods

This is the sort of thing that happens when you purchase your products from shady online sellers for less than the usual asking price. 

But perhaps a giant AirPod isn’t a bad thing? You’d have trouble losing this after all. 

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