Some Technical Challenges that Some Countries are Facing in Online Education

The current situation of Covid-19 has forced many students to learn online and continue their studies by staying home. But did this online education go smoothly? Aren’t students panicking about their studies? Will all students attend classes or not?

These are some questions which made restrictions in implementation of online education in many countries. The pandemic situation impacted worldwide but still there are many countries lacking technology gadgets like laptops or smartphones. The laptops adviser could be your best partner if you are also running through online education.

So today in this post, we are going to examine some common issues and technology challenges that are being faced worldwide.

1. Less Access to Tech Gadgets

The first and foremost challenge is supplying students with tech gadgets. Where technology is developing to comfort humans, it is also becoming a Little bit costly to approach. So for the midsize families, it is not possible to pay school fees and also buy technology gadgets like laptops and smartphones for their children.

Especially, in Asian countries where there is no proper guidance and knowledge about choosing laptops. The increasing demand of online education is a challenge for the government to supply laptops to every single student.

2. Imbalanced Network Connection

This is the second increasing and most enormous challenge that govts are facing these days. Though communication technology is going to introduce 5g and more speed, still there is no proper supply of connections in border areas or hilly areas.

This problem was recently reported by PHD students specially. They have to complete their research work which is impossible without a network. Some even don’t have laptops for wifi connection access. So the government should take some steps to meet these challenges also. For PHD students there are some laptops which could be purchased even under budget. For that purpose you are advised to click here.

3. Lack of Coordination

Even if we come up from upper challenges of technology approach, there is another major issue which is lack of coordination in classrooms. Though teachers are organizing online meetups, students still can’t get that coordination and physical approach which is only possible in physical classes.

So lack of coordination in classes may restrict implementation of online classes in future. This challenge could be covered up by training students and teachers for online studies.


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