Sony has finally thrown down the gauntlet with its 2021 flagship phones, TCL has thrown out a load of mid-rangers and teased a foldable/rollable hybrid, and Anyron lets us know what he thinks after fully testing the Nubia Red Magic 6.

First up, Sony has launched the Xperia 1 III, 5 III and 10 III all together. The 1 III is the real star, with the industry’s first 4K 120Hz display and dynamic focal length periscopic camera, but is that enough to break Sony out of its niche appeal?

TCL is next up, with a set of four mid-rangers – the TCL 20L, 20L+, 20S, and 20 Pro 5G – but the real attention grabber was the tease of the Fold ‘n Roll concept device. TCL has teased rollables and foldables before but is yet to actually release one, so is there anything to get excited about yet?

Finally, Anyron has been busy testing the Nubia Red Magic 6, and is ready to give his review of this 165Hz gaming phone.

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