New Delhi: In what comes as great news for smartphone users, Google is introducing a new feature in its next android update that will tell users if their password has been exposed to any cyber attack. Google is bringing the feature in its next set of android update. The next android update also brings hosts of other updates like a way to schedule your texts and other enhancements like TalkBack, Maps, Assistant and Android Auto among others. Also Read – Punjabi Singer Sardool Sikander Passes Away at 60 in Mohali

What’s the news: Android set to bring the Password Checkup tool. The tool will alert users with any password breach. Smartphones are being used these days for banking purposes and storing identity-related information, making users vulnerable in case of data theft through unsolicited links. Android password checkup will be automatically available to users with Android 9 and above. Also Read – PAK vs RIW Dream11 Team Prediction And Hints ECS T10 – Barcelona 2021: Fantasy XI, Probable XIs For Pakcelona vs Ripoll Warriors Match 63 February 24 Wednesday 3:00 PM IST

How it works: Smartphone users usually don’t type all the passwords for their different apps or e-wallets on their phone. They normally use Google’s Autofill feature. The password checkup app lets user select autofill and then check it with a list of known compromised passwords. If it finds a match, it alerts users. It also suggests what users can do about it. It will take you to your Password Manager page on Google, where you can review all your saved Autofill passwords for similar issues. Also Read – 10 Things You Did Know About Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor

Benefits of Password Checkup: The new Android update is likely to be a giant step against cyber fraud and online security breaches that is so rampant these days.

How to enable the new Password Checkup in your smartphone: You will have to enable Autofill.

Go to your phone Settings > System > Languages & Input > Advanced, the tap Autofill.

Tap Google to ensure the setting is enabled.

How to check the compromised password

Alternatively, you can find out if passwords in your Google Account may have been exposed, are weak, or are used in multiple accounts. Following the process explained here, you can change any unsafe passwords to keep your accounts more secure. Here’s how you can do it:

you can also check if any of your passwords have been compromised by logging on with your Gmail id:

  • Log on to
    Google Password check up tip

    How to check if your password has been compromised: Go to This screen appears.

  • Click >> Go To Password Checkup

The next page will ask for your Gmail credentials

Once logged in, you will get a message of your compromised passwords and reused passwords.

Once you enter Google Password check-up and submit your password, the Google Password Checkup tool scans all your passwords and gives a message like this. It suggests you change your compromised passwords.Google will also suggest the action you can take. It is advisable you use this feature to check your passwords frequently. With online being the majority of our daily work schedule, we are forced to login with our Gmail on various websites. Sometimes you enter your Google account credentials to merely read a website or a page. It is important that you keep your passwords safe. It is important that you are aware of various online frauds that come with digital life.

For more on how to change your password or protect your account, you can also log on to Google Support.

Hope you found this article useful. For more tips on smartphone use and password protection, you can read 



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