Spotify has launched apps for Wear OS and Garmin, and now, it’s begun testing an Apple Watch app, according to several beta users who have posted screenshots of the app on Reddit.

The first version of the app is rudimentary, as you can only control Spotify on your phone. The app will let you shuffle songs, pick from recently played, control your music, and choose where to play your Spotify music via Spotify Connect. We don’t know if Spotify plans to add offline support for Premium subscribers so that they can sync songs to an Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby.

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On Wear OS devices, offline support isn’t available for Premium users, so if we had to guess, it won’t be coming to Apple Watch either. That said, Spotify did hire developer Andrew Chang – who made the unofficial Spotify Apple Watch app called Snowy – last year to create a companion app using the company’s iOS SDK. So, he might be working on more premium features for Apple Watch users.

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We also don’t know when Spotify plans to officially launch the Apple Watch app. In a statement to the media, Spotify said, “We’re always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time.”

If you’d like to test official Spotify support on the Apple Watch now, you can sign up for Spotify’s iOS beta from here.

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