The USB-C multiport Mini Docking Station is a great choice for people looking for a wide range of potential video options, as it packs DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA video ports in its circular form.

USB-C docking stations bring the world of extensive desktop setups to laptop or tablet users.

It hooks up to your USB-C laptop via its integrated, wraparound 24cm (10in) cable, so there’s no need to attach a separate cable: it’s all contained in the dock itself.

That said, if you want to add power, you’ll need to bring your own USB-C wall charger, which can then support up to 75W of Power Delivery (PD) pass-through – 15W for docking station itself and then up to 60W for charging the laptop or tablet.

Alternatively, it will draw power from the host device.

It’s light enough to be portable, so it would work well if you are on the move a lot and having to plug into different video systems and display on a regular basis.

It’s a single-monitor dock, so it won’t run multiple external displays.

StartTech hasn’t skimped on the USB ports – all three plus the integrated connection are rated at the fastest 10Gbps, compared to many that stay at 5GGbps. 10Gbps Mini Docking Station ports USB-C Mini Docking Station ports

  • USB-C laptop compatible (works with T3 laptops at lower bandwidth)
  • 60W PD charging
  • 10Gbps USB-C to the host
  • 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 (single 4K display at 60Hz)
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0 (single 4K display at 60Hz)
  • 1 x VGA (single 1080p display)
  • 2 x USB-A (10Gbps)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1 x USB-C Power Delivery
  • 75W maximum power
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At over £100 or $130, this compact dock seems expensive compared to a dual-display portable dock, such as the Caldigit USB-C SOHO Dock, or a similar single-display portable USB-C dock such as Twelve South’s StayGo. But if you need VGA in your video mix, then this is the only dock that offers all three of the DP, HDMI and VGA video ports.

Startech Multiport Mini Dock display


The USB-C multiport Mini Docking Station offers flexibility for mixed-monitor deployments, and is small and lightweight enough to make a great portable solution, especially with its wraparound integrated USB-C cable.

It’s limited to a single external display, lacks an SD Card reader, and requires you use your own USB-C wall charger, but that saves on it having a cumbersome power brick that you’ll find with larger docking stations.


StarTech USB-C Multiport Mini Docking Station: Specs


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