Posted: February 10, 2021

App requirement and new website add to school’s ability to track COVID-19

Mitchell Hamline School of Law will require all people entering its campus building in St. Paul to self-screen with an app called #CampusClear, starting Monday, February 15.

The app is a free and easy-to-use tool that asks visitors to answer one question about their health every day they want to come on campus. Based on their answer, they’ll be cleared or not to enter the building while still following masking and other guidelines in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Anyone entering the building must do so through the main entrance, which faces Summit Avenue and includes the reception area. Those who don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to download the app can fill out a paper form and give it to security staff at the front desk. See an instructional video on the app here.

Once you’ve answered the symptoms question, the #CampusClear app will display a slide that says whether you’re cleared to enter campus.

In addition to the new app requirement, the school is launching a COVID-19 dashboard where users can find updated information about cases on campus as well as the current “alert level” (which this week is Level 3, or “high”). The dashboard includes information about the school’s health protocols, processes to report COVID-19 diagnoses or exposures, and key internal contacts.

The website, which can be accessed here, is also accessible through the red banner at the top of the Mitchell Hamline home page titled “COVID-19 Dashboard and Information”


Here is the email Mitchell Hamline’s human resources director, Andrea Bien, sent to the Mitchell Hamline community on Wednesday:

Dear Colleagues,

As part of our commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment during this most challenging time, effective February 15, 2021, all employees, students, and visitors must complete a daily COVID-19 symptom screening via the #CampusClear app.  Although we continue to offer only limited access to the law school campus at this time, we want to add an extra layer of protection to those people who are working on campus or making use of the library.  Mitchell Hamline has adopted this tool as an additional mitigation strategy to limit the transmission of COVID-19 on campus, in addition to existing health protocols (masks, distancing, hand-washing/sanitizing).

Please visit our COVID website for additional information.

What is #CampusClear?

#CampusClear is a free self-screening app that is easy to download and takes seconds to complete.  For more information, please watch the  Campus Clear Instructional video.

Prior to entering the building, each person will be expected to complete the screening and will receive one of two messages displayed on the phone screen.  Employees, students, or visitors that click on the No Symptoms button will receive a “Good to Go!” response which they will need to show to the front desk staff before proceeding further into the building.

Employees, students or visitors that click on any COVID-19 symptom button or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days will receive a “Not Cleared for Campus Access” response. These individuals will not be permitted to be in the building and are expected leave the building and complete the COVID-19 Reporting form after leaving.

Accessing #CampusClear

Download the app on your smartphone and log in with your Mitchell Hamline email address.

  • iPhone and iPad users:
    • Enter ‘CampusClear” in the search bar
    • Alternative option:  Follow this link from your iPhone or iPad
  • Android Users:
    • Open the Google Play Store app
    • Enter “CampusClear” in the search bar
    • Click “Install”
    • Alternative option:  Follow this link from your device

What If I Don’t Have a Smartphone or Prefer Not to Download this App?

You have two options:

  1. While the preferred method of logging your health status is through a smartphone, #CampusClear can also be accessed on a web browser.  Simply follow this link and log in with your Mitchell Hamline email address.  You will be asked to provide a copy of the results to the front desk staff upon arrival.
  2. Complete a Campus Clear Self-Reporting Form available at the front desk and give the form to the security staff person. You will permitted to continue into the building if you can affirm that you do not have any of the symptoms listed on the form.

Use of Collected Data

#CampusClear app collects health symptoms responses as logged by users in the app and is stored on IVY.AI, INC., servers behind firewalls, and certain Personal Information will be encrypted using secure socket layer (SSl) technology. This information is confidential and is used for the limited purposes of: (1) tallying the number of students, employees, and visitors on campus which is used to determine the campus case rates; and (2) to enable follow-up and support to individuals who report symptoms by Andrea Bien (employees/visitors)  or Dean Lynn LeMoine (students).

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more about this app please visit the CampusClear Website.


If you have questions about the #CampusClear app, please reach out to me.




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