Governor Baker dealt a further blow by vetoing a proposal that would have lowered fares for those in need. Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito must recognize that their current efforts are damaging to particularly vulnerable, struggling communities that have already been, and continue to be, hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pamela “Mela” Bush-Miles

Director, transit-oriented development and the T Riders Union

Alternatives for Community and Environment


We know where to invest to bring our system into 21st century

Years of inaction have compounded the deficiencies with our outdated transit system, hindering economic growth and worsening existing inequity. We agree with the Globe editorial board that bold action is overdue, and now is the time for Massachusetts to make the big decisions needed to modernize our transportation system.

We already know which investments and policies will bring our transportation infrastructure into the 21st century. Reimagining urban areas to support multimodal transportation options, expanding bus rapid transit, implementing congestion pricing, making public transit more affordable and reliable, empowering regional transportation authorities with more funding, and shifting from a plug-the-holes mentality to a strategy of proactive investment will all be key to creating a modern transit system to support our economy as we recover from the pandemic and long afterward.

With a new presidential administration, a progressive transportation secretary, and several members of the Massachusetts delegation in leadership positions, this is the time for us to invest in transportation infrastructure. We cannot afford to continue surrendering our transportation system to the challenges of the moment. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to change direction.

Jennifer Benson


Alliance for Business Leadership


The writer is a former Massachusetts state representative.



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