Mito: Punto-based supermini with a shield for a grille was pretty but fell short.

Giulia Quadrifologio: Magnificent, albeit too late to rescue Alfa. Lesser Giulias are superb too.


Renegade: This charismatic compact SUV is Jeep-ish, yet with a sense of guilty-secret appeal.

Wrangler: True to its flat-panelled, rugged heritage. Not brilliant but honest and appealing for it.


Fulveitta Concept: A super-desirable hint of what could have been, this 2003 coupé still looks good. Since ignored.

Ypsilon: The last Lancia, a 10-year-old city hatchback, had a strong 2020 in the only place it’s still sold: Italy.

Memories of FCA

Fiat: Driving the 500 out of a Turin football stadium on the launch. So pretty and surprisingly well made. But to drive… so-so.

Lancia: The disappointment of being told by then Fiat marketing boss Olivier François that making a profitable go of Lancia was impossible, despite much research. Maybe that has changed now.

Alfa Romeo: Reading FCA’s astonishing 2014 indictment of its management of Alfa Romeo, presented at an investors’ conference. Its corrective goals have been only part-realised.



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