Surefire Tips for Managing the Patient Schedule

Having a well-defined strategy for managing the patient schedule results in a more productive doctor’s office and greater satisfaction return for good care. But how do you manage your patient schedule and make organization easier by improving your clinic performance? If you still don’t know where to start, check out these six surefire tips for managing your patient schedule!

How to Manage the Patient Schedule in an Organized Manner?

For your clinic to become a benchmark in patient care, you need to take some action. See the main ones:

Estimate Approximate Call Time

We know well that each query is different and setting an exact time for each query is not feasible. However, it is possible to stipulate the approximate duration of each attendance. For example, if each query takes about 30 minutes, you can set a 15-minute interval between them. This way, you will have extra time in case of unforeseen events or care that is longer than stipulated, without affecting the next patient’s schedule.

Confirm Appointments in Advance

Missing patients may hinder the progress of consultations. So always try to confirm them a day or two in advance, via reminders via WhatsApp or by phone call. This action helps to reduce forgetfulness absences and to organize other patients that can be attended to fill the absent gap.

Unify Appointments

A major mistake that can occur in medical clinics is that each professional takes care of his or her own agenda, unaware of the progress of one’s colleagues’ appointments. Over time, this can lead to loss of control, staff overloading and underutilization of others, leading to loss of control and difficulties in managing the patient schedule. To avoid this situation, all schedules must be unified, allowing better control and distribution of queries. If your clinic has multiple calendars, your front desk staff can better manage system appointments that allow you to simultaneously view multiple calendars.

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Use Clinic and Office Management Software

Leave notes, calendars, and paper cards aside. In the digital age, this kind of control is increasingly obsolete and in the future it should no longer be part of healthcare companies. Because technology is changing all processes, betting on it is critical to making your clinic’s day-to-day life more effective. There are digital appointment management and scheduling tools that are very practical. With them, you can make and unschedule appointments, make notes, send notifications, customize dates according to physician availability, among other functions.

Everything is done quickly and seamlessly among professionals across the clinic.

These software are relatively affordable. There are online versions – which do not require the installation of any program – and mobile versions – which generate more autonomy to make appointments from wherever the patient is.

Promote Employee Training

No matter which method you choose to manage your schedule. Whether with applications, digital calendars or management software, your team will always need to be well educated about how to use these tools. This will allow you to handle unforeseen issues efficiently and manage your time as well as possible. To improve your service, you can’t ignore other things like parking lot as they affect your service. For example, an automatic car park barrier system can improve the security on your parking lot.

Invest in a Medical Marketing Agency

Having a medical marketing agency taking care of your image in front of your audience is more assertive than doing it alone or with the collaboration of those with little knowledge on the subject. In addition to elevating your marketing to a professional level, it allows you and your team to focus on your patients. Just be careful when hiring your agency so that it does not become a problem rather than a solution. Make sure she knows what it takes to do ethical and effective marketing that meets her criteria.

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We hope these tips can be useful!


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