Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tesla made a cool-looking wireless charger for your phone

If you didn’t know already, Tesla doesn’t only sell cars. It sells everything from home batteries to solar roof tiles to… wireless phone chargers.

The company’s lifestyle product lineup has been updated to include the new Tesla Wireless Charger. It was briefly available to buy on Tesla’s website, where you can also buy desktop and portable chargers and even hats and shirts. The device looks very Tesla-ish and features an integrated USB-C cable (if you want to plug it into your phone) and a USB-A port for non-USB-C phones.

You can get it in black or white colour options, though it only provides 6,000mAh of battery with 5W output charging. If you decide to use it as a wired charger, you’ll get 7.5W. Oh, and it costs $65. So, keep in mind there are more powerful chargers with 12W and 10W output that cost nearly half as much. But those don’t look like a Tesla product or carry the Tesla logo. If you’re a Tesla superfan, this is for you.

For everyone else, there’s nothing to see here; move along.

TeslaTesla Made A Cool-looking Wireless Charger For Your Smartphone image 2

Note: It looks like the electric car manufacturer accidentally posted the product on its website, as spotted by Apple Insider. Although it has pulled the listing, a cached version still shows all the details. We’ll keep you posted when Tesla officially announces it.


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