N3twork’s Tetris mobile app adds a big new mode: Tetris Primetime, a nightly game show-style multiplayer feature where players can earn real money.

Primetime’s setup will be familiar to anyone who has played HQ Trivia. It even also has a host, actor Millen Baird, who talks you through the experience. You play Tetris while competing with players online. If you can last long enough, you have a chance to earn real money. And just like with HQ Trivia, there is no entry fee. A new tournament starts every day at 7:30 p.m., and each night has a total prize pool of $5,000.

I tried out a demo version of Tetris Primetime. While I couldn’t win any actual money (tears), I had a fun time trying my best to stay alive as long as possible. It’s similar to the Tetris 99 game on Switch, which is a battle royale version of Tetris. Oh, and if you like that, N3twork’s Tetris also has a pure battle royale mode.

Primetime felt like a fun and frantic experience, and the added incentive of potentially winning cash is a nice bonus.

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N3twork launched its Tetris app earlier this year. Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle games ever (especially if you ever owned a Game Boy). Although the game is over 25 years old, studios are finding new ways to make the classic block-dropping experience exciting. Old games like Tetris can evoke a lot of nostalgia, and studios can turn that love into cash if they’re creative enough.

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