Back to the Audi. The aesthetic changes are instantly recognisable, even if you are not an A4 connoisseur. From the front at least. Note the moustache – which seems to be a current Audi hallmark. A busier single frame grille and bumper arrangement match redrawn headlamps, now with furrowing LED eyebrows. The rear lights get added pizzazz too.   

The interior remains “calmly styled”, as the press release describes. Little has changed from the previous car and it still rates highly in the aspect of build quality. The cabin is a testament to how advanced the B9 was: it still looks up-to-date and with an uncluttered sophistication that easily rivals newer peers.

What is new is the Multi Media Infotainment (MMI) system, which eschews the central-mounted rotary controller for a more 2021-friendly touchscreen. The A4 also introduces Audi Connect, which is both new and not-so-new. Volkswagen introduced a similar concept at the beginning of 2020 already, dubbed We Connect Go.    

Audi Connect basically uses a smartphone application, allowing the owner to keep tabs on their vehicle, with information such as driving range and being able to book services. A SIM card embedded in the vehicle offers internet-based services, including access to roadside and emergency assistance, which can be summoned directly from the car. Opt for the Technology Package and you can use your smartphone as a key.   



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