Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Best Cars for 2020

Out of the fray of mediocre sedans and monster trucks rise the cream of the crop for each segment. Digital Trends routinely rounds up the best cars across all segments — whether it be sedans, SUVs, or hybrids — but it was high time that we rounded up all our favorites of the year in one convenient place, so you can see the best of the best at a glance. Without further ado, here are the Digital Trends picks for the best cars overall.

The best car of 2020: Jaguar I-Pace

Why should you buy this? It blends cutting-edge design and technology in a very drivable electric vehicle (EV).

Who’s it for? Luxury SUV buyers who want next-level engineering and design from a brand they know.

How much will it cost? $69,850+

Why we picked the Jaguar I-Pace :

Contemporary EVs have several performance advantages over their gas-powered brethren, and Jaguar turns each of these into weapons. It starts with the platform, which stretches the I-Pace’s 90 kWh lithium-ion battery pack across the floor. This gives the vehicle an ultra-low center of gravity and disperses weight evenly in the front and rear (50:50). Without the burdens of an engine and transmission, Jaguar was also able to push the wheels to the absolute ends of the body, improving cornering stability.

While it does not have the driving range of a Tesla Model X or the cargo capacity of the Mazda CX-5, the I-Pace stands out with overall dynamics, packaging, and driving experience. The car simply fades away from thought when you are commuting but still takes center stage when hustling through tight turns. It is only really let down by its infotainment system — a small price to pay for this level of driving goodness.

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