So you decided it’s time to track down a cheap Kindle price? We don’t blame you as the ever-popular ereader series has left the competition in the dust and has the best devices for every budget. We’ve also got you covered for the latest sale prices on the Fire tablets too – the immeasurably cheaper alternative to those pricey iPads.

While Kindles and Fire tablets are Amazon products they’re not exclusively sold there, which is great for keeping prices competitive. We’ll be sure to cross-check all the latest Kindle sales across a wide range of stores to makes sure we’re bringing you the best price from trustworthy retailers.

We’ve got our eye on every model out there and have price comparison charts for them all. Everything from the basic Kindle, the excellent Paperwhite all-rounder (including the super new 2018 version), all the way up to the fancier Kindle Oasis luxury ereader. And the Fire tablet range is covered to from the super cheap 7-inch model and up to the larger 10-version with the Kids Edition Fire tablets priced and compared too. Naturally we’ll explain the differences between the devices too so you can make the most informed decision about which one suits you best. Want more functionality from your tablet? Then take a look at our best iPad deals.



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