Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Future (And Now The Past) Is Electric: Everrati/Superformance GT40

Modern electric vehicles are currently taking a share of the new car market and many experts are saying the future will certainly be electric. Where does that leave some of our vintage classics with their internal combustion engines? A company called Everrati has an answer: take iconic old cars, slap in an electric drivetrain, and sell them to environmentally conscious car folks. These guys don’t do the usual drop lots of cellphone batteries into an old Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to make it electric, they install hypercar electric motors into GT40s.

Everrati upgrades old cars with modern electric drivetrains. Their newest creation isn’t restoring an old vehicle but using a new continuation model Superformance GT40 and installing an electric 800 horsepower motor.

Everrati likes to grab vintage Porsches, Land Rovers, and other iconic models and restore them to concourse quality. Then they drop batteries and electric motors inside and modernize and perfect the vehicle. Justin Lunney, founder and CEO of Everrati described his company’s passion project, “At Everrati, we believe electric cars are the future of travel, but that doesn’t mean we should settle for bulky saloon cars. We expertly upgrade iconic fossil fuel burning cars into beautiful electric versions of themselves.”

Fans of the original GT40 will notice something is missing from the back of this car: exhaust pipes. The Everrati electric version of the Superformance GT40 has no need for exhaust pipes. Instead it needs a place to plug in power to charge.

If you are familiar with the company Superformance, you know they are a company that is licensed to build new continuation model GT40s. The GT40 is the same car that famously beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. The interesting thing about Superformance is you cannot get a complete vehicle from them. They will only sell you a rolling chassis. You have to find someone else to drop a Ford small-block into the back. This makes the Superformance chassis the perfect project for Everrati to install an electric motor in.

Everrati/Superformance offers a licensed Gulf livery electric GT40.

Here are some statistics to consider when you look at the electric powered Everrati/Superformance GT40: 800 horsepower, zero to 60 in under 4 seconds, a range of 125 miles, and zero emissions. This performance is provided through a 700 volt electric powertrain system using a proven dual motor drive unit derived from high performance hypercar applications. It uses a liquid cooled 46kWh battery with rapid discharge performance and superior power density with direct DC fast charging as standard.

The menacing shape of the Ford GT40 is absolutely unmistakable. Some would say the Ford V8 sound is part of the car’s personality, something the Everrati version will not have.

The GT40 was given a recent boost in popularity with the Matt Damon/Christian Bale film Ford Versus Ferrari (the film was renamed Le Mans 66 in Europe to be more popular with movie fans who are familiar with the annual race in France). Now the GT40 is getting a modern upgrade with an EV drivetrain. Justin Lunney said, “We breathe new life into iconic cars, giving them the balance, performance and finesse they deserve.”

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