Huawei’s star is rising. The company has recently overcome the global stigma around Chinese manufacturers to win fans around the world, even in the United States where the government has effectively blocked it from entering the market. The Mate 20 Pro represents the best Huawei has to offer as an alternative to Apple and Samsung. In last week’s poll, we asked you: will you buy it?

Even though the largest single chunk of our readership is based in the United States, where the Mate 20 Pro is not  officially available due to national security concerns from government agencies, our readers chimed in from around the world, with users based in Thailand, New Zealand, the UAE and South Africa all confirming that they had ordered one or planned to. The deciding factor in many cases? A favorable price compared to the top flagships offered by Apple and Samsung. Can’t beat the bottom line, after all.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a lot of fans. / © AndroidPIT

With 45% of participants buying the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and a further 15% who wanted to, it’s safe to say that the new Chinese phablet is a hit in the relevant markets, and the international version is sure to see imports into the US, too. 

But what about the naysayers? Modem compatibility is a deal breaker for Storm and would definitely be a concern for importers. Other users, like Glostermeteor, still object to it on design terms, specifically the notch, but it also attracted criticism from Jacques Labuschagne for being unoriginal.

Were you surprised by the results? What was the deciding factor for you on whether or not to buy the Mate 20 Pro?



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