We would not have survived CES 2018 without the Mophie Powerstation AC. Between constantly running around the show floor and a truly awkward power outage during the world’s biggest electronics show, we hardly have a chance to plug in our devices. Luckily with the Mophie Powerstation AC we were able to bring the power plug with us wherever we went.

With 100-watts of output surging from this power bank’s built-in AC connector we were able to recharge and run practically any laptop, from a MacBook Air to a serious gaming laptop/production rig. 

Better yet this is one of the few portable batteries to feature 30W of output through its USB-PD certified USB-C port, allowing us to fast charge our latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Mophie Powerstation AC also packs 22,000mAh of power – more than enough to top off multiple laptops plugged in at the same time.



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