Monday, January 17, 2022
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The Razer Seiren X USB mic has dropped in price even more for Cyber Monday

Right now you can get Razer’s Seiren X USB streaming microphone on sale for $49.99 through Amazon. That’s significant because we pointed out in our roundup of Razer deals this weekend that it had dropped to $60 for Black Friday. Now Cyber Monday is beating that, and that was already a fantastic price! The Seiren X has a street price that fluctuates between $70 and $80, and it has definitely never gone this low before. The Amazon deal is temporary, though,

Seiren X Mic

Razer Seiren X USB streaming mic | $30 off

The mic has a super cardioid pickup pattern so sound is recorded at a tighter angle. It has a built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations. You’ll get superior audio broadcasting and a Pro extender frequency and transient response.

$49.99 at Amazon

The Seiren X is a fantastic mic that uses a super cardioid pickup pattern to record at a tight angle. This has the benefit of focusing on crisp, clear audio coming from the front of the mic while also reducing unwanted noises coming from the back (like the typing of a keyboard or maybe game sounds from a monitor’s speakers). There’s also a built-in shock mount so you can further reduce noises that would be picked up by vibrations and things like that. Those are sounds you might not even notice when you’re recording but would show up later when you’re editing, so this mic saves you from that hassle altogether. The mic’s extender frequency and transient response times ensure your voice is clear and precise and that every nuance gets picked up.

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It also has a very compact and sleek design so it fits in with your aesthetic and has the flexibility to go just about anywhere. It won’t get in your way, like a blocking a screen, while you stream or record. You can also monitor yourself in real time with the zero-latency monitoring.

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