Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This App Listens to Bird Calls and Tells You What They Are – Review Geek

Gray bird in photographer's hand

Ever wonder what birds are hanging around in your neck of the woods? Want to know which specific type of bird is waking you up at 5am with a horrendous screech? This handy app works just like Shazam, and will give you an answer in minutes.

The app, called Merlin, was developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. As we previously reported, it’s a fun destination and a helpful resource for bird lovers everywhere. When the app first came out, it was a helpful tool that could easily identify a bird by having you answer five easy questions about their behavior or looks, like “What size is the bird?”

Now, it’s providing you another means to determine bird types, which is super handy if you can’t see the bird but can only hear it. The audio identification feature also makes the app more beginner-friendly, which is perfect for those just getting into birdwatching (after all, what else have we had to do this past year) or even just the occasional casual user.


Merlin also has an extensive database to work from, including a terrific map that shows where each type of bird typically hangs out and where they tend to migrate to. It also has a library of bird call audio clips paired with visual waveforms to make identification a little easier.

Whether you’re looking for a brand new hobby to pick up or just want to know what that annoying bird is that’s haunting your life every morning (it’s a Eurasian collared dove, isn’t it?), Merlin is the helpful bird call identification app for you!

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