Friday, December 3, 2021

This city is home to the worst drivers in the the UK

BRITAIN’S capital is home to its most deluded and risky drivers.

The majority of motorists in London believe they are “very safe” behind the wheel, despite the city having the second highest casualty rate and the highest incidence of bad driving habits.

 Londoners are the UK's worst drivers


Londoners are the UK’s worst drivers

A recent study by Select Car Leasing found a whopping 66 per cent of Londoners claim to be incredibly safe drivers, despite their chance of being a casualty in a traffic accident sitting at one in 270.

Only Northern Ireland has a higher likelihood of casualty, with a one in 197 chance.

While the national average put Brits at a one in 388 chance of being a road casualty, Scotland proved the safest place to drive with a rate of one in 562.

And when it came to bad driving habits, it was no surprise London came in top.

 Only Northern Ireland is more dangerous on the road than London

Select Car Leasing

Only Northern Ireland is more dangerous on the road than London
 Londoners are by far the most deluded drivers

Select Car Leasing

Londoners are by far the most deluded drivers

Motorists were asked whether they regularly engaged in a some of the most common habits, and those from the capital consistently made more errors.

Almost 40 per cent of Londoners claimed to have accelerated through yellow lights, compared to 34 per cent in the national average.

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Drivers in London were also above the average when it came to eating in the car, taking their hands off the wheel and failing to check their blind spot.

Overall, 98 per cent of Brits believe they are safe drivers, but poor habits are common right across the country.

Worryingly, the survey also found some 39 per cent of Brit drivers still use their mobile phone while sitting in traffic, despite hefty penalties.


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