Thursday, May 19, 2022

This is how Facebook Messenger’s unsend feature works

Facebook announced earlier this year it would launch an “unsend” feature for all Facebook Messenger users. Now, someone who has been testing the upcoming feature quietly shared screenshots of how it looks and works on Twitter.

Last spring, following the Cambridge-Analytica scandal, Facebook revealed the company had secretly deleted old messages sent on Messenger from founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It was an odd revelation, considering that, when most users delete messages from their own inbox, those messages will still be available in the recipient’s inbox. After some backlash, Facebook said the “unsend” feature would launch soon for all.

Flash forward to six months later, and that unsend feature has now surfaced online. TechCrunch noticed tweeted screenshots of the feature in use in the Messenger app for Android. As you can see from the images below, when editing a message sent in a conversation, a user will be given the option to “Unsend Message” as well as “Delete Message.” When Unsend Message is tapped, a pop-up will ask for a confirmation. 

The leakster noted there is a time limit for unsending messages, though didn’t specify how long. It’s important to note that this leakster is an app researcher, named Jane Manchun Wong, who is no stranger to tweeting out yet-to-be-released app features. Most notably, she combed through Facebook’s source code and posted screenshots of Facebook’s upcoming Tinder-like service.

Little else is known about Facebook’s unsend feature, but since it is in testing now, we suspect it’s getting closer to an official launch.


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