(Pocket-lint) – Lego has just announced a brand new Star Wars set and this is one to get any fan excited: it’s an R2-D2 replica launched to celebrate 50 years of Lucasfilm. 

This all-new 2,314 piece set is being touted as the “most feature packed” Lego R2-D2 yet and features a periscope, retractable mid-leg and rotating head. It even features hidden tools including a lightsaber hilt that’s stashed away in secret compartment. 

Being a unique piece also means it comes with a collectible minifigure that you can display next to it on its own 50th anniversary Lego brick. 

When complete this set measures 31cm (12.5-inches) tall, 20cm (7.5-inches) wide and 15 cm (6-inches) deep, so it’s not a small build by any stretch of the imagination. 

And just so adults can feel good about buying a Lego set just for themselves and not their younger family members, Lego has given it an 18+ build rating. This is a grown up collectible toy for grown ups (serious!). 

Lego R2-D2 will be available to buy from 1 May and will cost $199/€199 in the US/EU, or £179.99 in the UK. Look out for more 50th anniversary sets in the very near future. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.



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