To make things a bit more interesting and polished, the folks at Firebox have created the Take Better Selfies Lens Kit. Described as a product to “unlock the full creative potential of your camera phone,” whether you’re using the front or rear camera. this pocket-sized 5-in-1 set comes equipped with five quality, clip-on attachment lenses for your phone: fisheye, wide-angle, macro, telescopic and a circular polarizing lens. The well-crafted bundle comes in a sleek, professional-looking carrying case that tightly houses each lens and can be clipped onto your phone using the included attachment. Each option performs different functions that can transform the way your cell phone camera interprets and produces images. Reviewers have nothing but good things to say about this genius product, with one shopper admitting that it’s “brilliant”. They are very high quality and do exactly what they say they will! Such a great little kit to have!”


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