Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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This mechanical keyboard Black Friday deal is so good even Captain America would approve

Not all gaming keyboards are created equal. There are those that are good, those that are class-leading, and then there are those which really do stand apart from the masses for a variety of reasons. This Black Friday deal on Drop gaming keyboards at Amazon definitely fits into the latter.

We’ve used a ton of keyboards over the years in the pursuit of helping you find the best mechanical keyboards but these offerings from Drop are a little different. Sure, they’re pricey, but they’re what you’d call “enthusiast-grade” keyboards. Good for gamers, but also just really, really nice mechanical keyboards for those who appreciate such a thing.

And let’s face it, a chance to score such a thing and keep more of your money in your wallet is not something to sneer at. Drop has a host of deals going on right now, but we’ve highlighted the most enticing ones below. Including one for the Marvel fans out there.

Drop Tkl Keyboard

Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard | Save 20%

One of Drop’s most premium keyboards, the CTRL boasts an exquisite aluminum frame and Cherry MX Brown switches. But those switches are hot-swappable, too, so if you want to change them out, go for it. The TKL layout and removable USB-C keyboard are just the icing on the cake.

$236 at Amazon

Drop Gaming Keyboard

Drop ALT High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard 65% | Save 20%

Out of the box, you get Kaihua Box White switches on this 65% keyboard but as with Drop’s others, you can swap those out if you want for anything you desire. The same quality as on the bigger keyboards, just smaller and more affordable.

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$200 at Amazon

Drop Infinity War Keycaps

Drop Marvel licensed keycaps | Save 30%

Do you need to spend this much on keycaps for your mechanical keyboard? No, of course not. But when did that stop anyone? These licensed Marvel keycaps aren’t just suitable for Drop keyboards, either, and whether you grab the “Infinity War” or “Captain America” set, your keyboard will look way better than your friends’. Guaranteed.

Opportunities like this don’t come along too often so form an orderly queue. Just make sure you line up behind us, OK?

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