Picture frames are kind of old-fashioned, but plenty of people are comfortable with the newfangled digital alternatives. If you prefer a photo frame to use and actual paper photo, why not give it a little utility, too?

Enter the PowerPic, a desktop picture frame with a hidden Qi wireless charger beneath the photo. The integrated charging pad can go through the still photo, frame glass, and a phone case of up to 3mm, and it’s designed with Apple’s 10w proprietary fast charging for iPhones in mind. The charger works with Qi-enabled Android devices too, of course. The frame has a slight incline and a deeper recess between the wooden exterior and the glass, making a little “shelf” for your phone to rest on. Take the phone off, and it becomes a standard photo frame again…albeit one that plugs into a wall.

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The PowerPic uses pine with white or black stain to match your decor. The manufacturer is leaning into its odd combination of old and new tech with some phone wallpapers that “complete” the image behind them, offering both for printing and downloading. At $79.99, the 5×7 PowerPic is considerably more expensive than buying both a wireless charger and a nice snapshot frame, but you can’t put a price on innovative interior design. Oh, wait, yes you can. It’s eighty bucks.

Source: TwelveSouth via iMore

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