Monday, May 16, 2022

This ‘PIECE’ of tech can turn your iPhone into a dual-SIM phone

Most modern day smartphones don’t come with dual-SIM tech on board. This is particularly true with the Apple iPhones as they only support single-SIM functionality. But by using a device called PIECE, you can turn your iPhone into a proper dual-SIM handset. The device is sold and marketed by Yerha, which made the news last year for launching a credit card sized smartphone.

Its functionality is pretty simple. You need to insert the SIM card of your choice on the device, turn it on and pair it with the iPhone using Bluetooth. PIECE also has a dedicated app which helps you control all the functionality of the SIM, including phone calls and messages. 

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Once it’s set up, your iPhone works like any other dual-SIM phone would. Users will immediately start receiving phone calls and messages on their iPhone even though it doesn’t have the SIM card stored locally. This is particularly helpful for users who are forced to carry two phones at all times. PIECE can fit into the pockets or even regular wallets, making it easier to carry around. Given its small size, it’s also pretty easy to lose sometimes.

PIECE will automatically start beeping if you go beyond 15 meters of the paired phone. Similarly, you can locate the device by tapping the “Find PIECE” button on the app. This miniature device can hold any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card. There are several products like PIECE out there, mostly from China, but this appears to be the best one we came across.

It will set you back by Rs 3,900 from, although the site mentions that it’s no longer in stock. However, you can be notified via email when it’s available again. As it stands, though, you probably won’t be able to get PIECE right away.


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