BREAKDOWN cover by the AA starts from £95 a year, but a little-known service can cost existing members just £45.

The only catch is the Local Driver Membership is only valid if you need assistance within a 20-mile radius of your home.

 The little-known Local Driver Membership costs just £45 a year


The little-known Local Driver Membership costs just £45 a year

That might not be suitable for all, but is ideal for those who only tend to venture out locally and who avoid long journeys on the motorway.

To put a 20-mile radius into perspective, that’s wider than the Greater London area within the M25.

However, the AA does not advertise the policy online – instead, the deal was recently brought to light by a This is Money investigation.

Existing members will have to call up to request the service upon their renewal. Even then, it’s not offered to all customers – only those who have been with the AA for five or so years and who specifically state that they don’t travel long distances.

 The service will assist drivers if they're in a 20-mile radius of their homes

Credit: Geoff Smith / Alamy Stock Photo

The service will assist drivers if they’re in a 20-mile radius of their homes

The 24/7 assistance will also provide Onward Travel, meaning the AA is likely to pay for your taxi home or nearby if a car cannot be repaired by the roadside.

Due to the low price, the AA told Sun Motors that the Local Driver Membership is not available to pay on a monthly basis like its other policies.

It’s also considered to be a loyalty reward as opposed to a product you can directly buy.

The Membership is particularly a benefit for those who are elderly and don’t drive often or far.

Ian Crowder, the AA’s Head of Public Relations, told Sun Motors: “The Local Driver Membership is a way for the AA to award our customers’ loyalty.

“If, for example, they have been a member for five years or so and their circumstances have changed on renewing their policy where they no longer drive far distances, then we’re happy to offer the service.

“Older diesels that are not driven regularly are also prone to not starting or breaking down – so this Membership would be ideal for those car owners too.”



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