During an event in London, Mobvoi unveiled a new member of the smartwatch family. The TicWatch C2 arrives equipped with Wear OS and at a competitive price. Here are our first impressions of the new wearable from the Chinese brand.

Mobvoi TicWatch C2 release date and price

The TicWatch C2 can be pre-ordered on the official Mobvoi website now and will be available for purchase from 6 December 2018, at the price of 199.99 euros (around 230 dollars).

A smartwatch that looks like a real watch

The TicWatch C2 could easily be confused with a normal watch.
This is a plus point for me! It features stainless steel housing and a genuine leather strap that give it an elegant look. The back of the smartwatch is actually made of plastic. Compared to its predecessor, it offers a more refined look that easily adapts to different styles in my opinion.

androidpit ticwatch 8
Two physical keys and a single display. / © AndroidPIT

On the right side of the round watch face there are two physical buttons: using the Home button you can navigate through the system and access the apps installed on the device, while the other allows you to monitor your sporting activity.

On the back are the contact pins for charging, a heart rate monitor and a speaker. The TicWatch C2 is IP68 certified, meaning it resistant to dust, rain and sweat, making it suitable for physical activity. The smartwatch can be submerged up to 1.5 meters but for no more than 30 minutes at a time. Replacing the strap only takes a moment, and I would opt for a rubber strap in case you want to use the device while doing sports.

androidpit ticwatch 7
The back is made of plastic. / © AndroidPIT

The TicWatch C2 is available in three colors: black, silver and rose gold. The first two colors are available for the model with a 20mm (42.83 x 42.83 x 13.10 mm) with thinner (13.10 mm) strap, whilst the rose gold one comes in a smaller 18mm format (42.83 x 42.83 x 12.80 mm), with a focus on appealing to female consumers.

androidpit ticwatch 3
The leather strap is replaceable with any other third party strap. / © AndroidPIT

Wear OS: for better or for worse

The latest version of WearOS is running on the TicWatch C2,

the interface has a slightly different look from the original version.
Anyone who knows the operating system made by Google knows that, despite the new name, little has changed from the previous version. On TicWatch C2 you can customize the watch dials, download apps from the Play Store and interact with Google Assistant.

During our brief hands-on test, the smartwatch worked without any problems.

androidpit ticwatch realheroimage
On board is the latest version of Wear OS. / © AndroidPIT

Solid hardware

The new TicWatch C2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 processor, the same one as in by TicWatch Pro.
I expect, as on the latter, that the chip can run the smartwatch without any problems but it’s a shame not to find the latest processor (the 3100) made specifically for smartwatches in the TicWatch C2.

The TicWatch C2 also features NFC technology that allows you to pay via Google Pay™, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. In short, the Mobvoi smartwatch is well equipped and does not give up a series of features designed for health and fitness like all the other smartwatches in circulation.

androidpit ticwatch 11
Supports payments with Google Pay. / © AndroidPIT

Two days of battery life

What is the battery life offered by TicWatch C2 like? It’s a crucial question in the world of smartwatches and it will take time before we know the answer. We’ll have to wait for our final review before we fully know.

The smartwatch packs a 400mAh battery which, according to the brand, should guarantee two days of autonomy.

It must be said that Mobvoi has already set a good example in terms of battery life on the TicWatch Pro, which housed a 415mAh battery. It passed our 2 days without charging test, even when keeping the main AMOLED 1.39-inch display and the secondary FSTN monochrome type turned on. The TicWatch C2, on the other hand, will have to keep a single 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels alive. Will it succeed? The chances look pretty good!

Early Verdict

Smartwatches are not dead – several brands want to prove that to us this year and Mobvoi is one of them. Perhaps not the most popular, but the Chinese manufacturer is nevertheless making its way into the wearable market. The TicWatch C2 is a wearable classic and represents a new generation that takes the successful hardware and software package of the TicWatch Pro. The C2 has also refined the look and it comes in a new color with a few millimeters shaved off to appeal to female users.

At first glance it is impressive and it manages to be both a successful smartwatch, as well as a normal watch. We will have to test it further, but for now we can live with the whimsical Wear OS and hope that the battery will keep the promises Mobvoi made! What do you think of the TicWatch C2 by Mobvoi? Let us know in the comments below.



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