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Top Gear Showcase The Electric Batmobile Of The Future

The Batmobile is one of the coolest cars in the world, we can probably all agree on that. But of course, the car does not exist in real life. Or does it? Top Gear and Ollie Kew on YouTube have been able to take a look at something called the McMurty Speilring, a 1,000 hp electric track car that looks like the baby Batmobile of the future. And best of all, there might be a one-make racing series created for the car.

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The Details Behind The Speilring

The car looks like a bit of a cross between a Batmobile and an LMP2 racer, which has then been shrunken down. It’s a bit of a total reinvention of how an electric car creates downforce, too. There is a big diffuser, but no rear wing. A lot of the air that is then forced out of the front vents, it’s sucked down side-channels and then out via the rear suspension. It also has a party-trick. There are two exhaust pipes at the back of the car. Why exhausts on an electric car? Well, it has two electric fans, that develop half a ton of downforce. And those fans work at any speed.

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The Performance Details

McMurty Talking Outside Car
Top Gear via YouTube

As you might expect, this car has some pretty outlandish performance specifications. It still has a lithium-ion battery, and it is a 60 kWh one to be precise, hiding under the driver’s legs, in the sidepods. And it is a 1,000 hp monster, and those fans give the car full grip to deploy all of that power in one go, without losing grip from the tires. The car weighs in at around 1,000 kg, and the team behind it say that it can beat a Bugatti Chiron to 186 mph. And it should go on to speeds of way over 200 mph as well, and it is still undergoing development and improvements.

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Further Details On This Mighty Car

McMurty Rear View
Top Gear via YouTube

The company say in the Top Gear video that the car’s home is on wide, open, Grand Prix grade circuits that Formula 1 races at. The team have done some simulations on how quick it could be but they want to keep that under wraps as well. And best of all, the company behind it is hoping to create a single-make racing series for it, and long-term they are hoping to see road-going versions of it come to life. This is one of the most exciting EV concepts we have seen in years.

Source: Top Gear via YouTube

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